Thursday, April 4, 2013


It's been an emotional week. Nothing in my family, but for some friends in various situations (medical and otherwise). Peleke is here and there with an unpredictable schedule over the next few weeks. When we get time together, the world starts to feel right again, so I'm glad he's not deployed! The Hooligans in their neediness and energy have been helpful too :)

Gucci was really a lifeline for me in Seattle. I love the place, but I had such a terrible time settling in and finding a group of friends whom I felt I really connected with. Working nights while living in my grandmother's basement may explain some of that difficulty... Anyway, she and Pumba have done something similar for me here on the Redneck Riviera. We go to the unofficial dog park pretty much daily when it's not, you know, a broiler out. So, like, 6 months out of the year. Despite Gucci's alter ego, we've managed to befriend some pretty neat people.

One of those friends and I went out kayaking the other day. My poor shoulders and back hadn't seen sun since September, so I definitely turned red, but, man, it was gorgeous out! A totally idyllic afternoon that fulfilled a need for friendship, rest, and beauty :)

A few days later, I drove to another southern state to visit Peleke for the evening/night. We took a gorgeous walk through several miles of what can only remind me of Ravenna Ravine (squeeeee! so happy!!) while it was overcast, 50's, and impressively green out. I kind of wanted to just camp out there for a few weeks, and in my mind I'll pretend that area doesn't get as steamy and icky as it actually does in another month. Then we enjoyed an excellent dinner out before heading back to the hotel. Peleke casually mentioned as we passed Tractor Supply that he might like to check that out while he's there, and I think I surprised him with my excitement over that sentiment. I'd seen it on my way in and had contemplated browsing there myself but didn't have time before we met up. You know you chose well when you and your spouse spent a solid hour happily browsing the local Tractor Supply Company :)

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